Metropolitan Luke is full of love in Christ: “Pan-Orthodox Apocalypse” if UOC obtains recognition of local churches

“There will be such a struggle for the unity of Orthodoxy that no stone is left unturned,” such threatening forecasts were made by Metropolitan Luka of Zaporizhia and Melitopol (UOC-MP). It was he who undertook the mission of being the mouthpiece of the ‘Pan-Orthodox Apocalypse’.

In his Telegram channel the odious Metropolitancalls to splits within local Churches in the case they recognize the OCU:

“Even if a Synod or a Council of bishops of one or another Orthodox Church will be pressurized to make a positive decision on the recognition of the OCU, there will be a sufficient number of sane bishops, clergy and laity within this very Church who will remain faithful to the canonical Church system. Under no circumstances will these people accept the recognition of the OCU and will stop remembering those primates and bishops who recognize it. The faithful sons and daughters of the Orthodox Church will accept under no circumstances the new model of Church relations… imposed on Orthodoxy by Dimitrios Archondonis,” he predicts.

However, it is not for the first time that the trigger happy Metropolitan calls on ‘faithful sons and daughters’ to go in for open rebellion against their Church for the sole reason of the recognition of the OCU, which does not affect the church teaching (faith):

“What shall those priests do who are unwilling to participate in the satanic ‘Church’ bacchanalia, started by the forerunner of the Antichrist?… We must immediately quit those Church communities and cease Eucharistic communion with those bishops who have agreed to follow the path of betrayal of their faith. Formal observance of Canon law in the conditions of the war against Orthodoxy is impossible. One must feel and understand the inner meaning of the Church canons, living in the spirit and tradition of Holy Tradition,” he calls.

These attacks of the Metropolitan of the UOC MP were commented by Сerkvarium:

“We can assume that Moscow already clearly understands the futility of creating a global inter-Church split and the ineffectiveness of its own attempts to prevent the recognition of the OCU. The only thing left is to go on blackmailing the local Churches with internal schisms, which actually means that in the future they need to create parasynagogue for the rebels will emerge. That is, they will do what the adherents of Ukrainian autocephaly were accused of.”

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