Metropolitan Emmanuel of France: We must work for peace between religions in Europe

The Board of Directors of the Council of Christian Churches of France, chaired by Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, met in its regular session.

The meeting took place at the seat of the Holy Metropolis of France and, besides the agenda, the common position on bioethics was also discussed. The participants discussed joint actions in protecting the environment, as well as the organization of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which takes place every year.

Issues of further cooperation in the representation of Christianity in France, a country with a complete separation of Church-State, at all levels, where the secular nature of the State (laïcité) is of paramount importance to French citizens, were also discussed in the meeting.

The Council of Christian Churches of France (CECEF) was set up in 1987 and is made up of delegations from Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Ancient Eastern and Anglican Churches.

The Metropolitan of France said he was pleased with the Council’s progress and suggested that joint actions be better organized with improvements in communication. As he characteristically stated, “we have to work for peace between religions in Europe, and we can do so on our part when we are united and love each other as Christians, not when we allow other factors to drive us apart and disrupt us.”

He then gave a formal dinner to the members of the Board.

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