Metropolitan Paul is ready to open Belarusian-speaking churches, but not enough believers

Metropolitan Paul of Minsk and Zaslavsky, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus understands the Belarusian language and is ready to open Belarusian-speaking temples. He said this during a press conference at the National Press Center.

“I’m like a dog who understands everything but can’t always do everything,” the hierarch said.

According to him, in Belarus for everyone who wants to pray the Belarusian language, there is such an opportunity.

The Metropolitan noted that the Belarusian services may be held at least daily, but there are not so many people who want to attend them.

“Not many people want to pray Belarusian. But those who want it have the opportunity, ”said the Patriarchal Exarch.

He reminded that in Minsk and other dioceses there are temples where the liturgy is served in Belarusian.

Metropolitan Pavel also offered to appeal to all those who wish to pray in Belarussian and expressed readiness to open Belarusian-speaking churches. The same applies to believers who want to pray in other languages, he added.

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