Metropolitan Alexander of Astana at the Cathedral of Pavlodar diocese

September 22, 2019, on the 14th Pentecostal Week, before the Exaltation, the celebration in honor of the Council of New Martyrs and Confessors of Kazakhstan, Metropolitan Alexander of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan, performed the Divine Liturgy in the main church of the Pavlodar diocese – the Annunciation Cathedral of the city of Pavlodar. The night before, with the blessing of Metropolitan Alexander, the ark was brought to the cathedral with some of the relics of the blessed Matrona of Moscow.

The head of the Metropolitan Okrug of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Republic of Kazakhstan was served by the vicar of the Diocese of Astana, Bishop of Taldykorgan Nektarii , Bishop of Pavlodar and Ekibastuz Barnava , rector of the Iversko-Seraphim Cathedral of the city of Ekibastuz, Protopriest Igor Pavliyorodoryorodorodorich Konstantyorovich Konstantinovich Popriodorodorich Konstantyoriteloderiodorodoryorodoryorodoryorodoryorodorodorodaa keyodorodorodoryarodiodarodoroda Kliostoriodarodorodorodorodaarodiodarodarodorodaarodiodarodorodaarodiodarodarodaaroda Astanai and Pavlodar dioceses.

During the Liturgy, the inhabitants of the Peter and Paul Monastery in Pavlodar, employees of the diocesan administration, students of Sunday schools, Cossacks and parishioners of Pavlodar churches prayed. Numerous pilgrims from the cities and villages of Pavlodar region arrived to honor the memory of the new martyrs and bow to the relics of the blessed Matrona of Moscow. The guests of the festival were representatives of public organizations and ethnocultural associations.

Liturgical chants were performed by the choir of the cathedral under the direction of regent Elena Yusupzhanova.

On a pure litany, petitions were announced about the unity of the Orthodox Church, the preservation of the Church from divisions and schisms. A prayer was made for peace in Ukraine.

Prayers were also offered for the repose of hierarchs, clergy, monks and all Orthodox Christians “in a year of fierce persecution from the atheists who had been tortured and killed, from hunger, cold, wounds, illnesses and overwork in the camps, in dungeons and in the bonds of death.”

The sermon after the sacrament verse was delivered by Archpriest Igor Popov.

At the end of the Liturgy, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the New Martyrs and Confessors of Kazakhstan and the blessed Matrona of Moscow took place.

Many years were proclaimed to the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, archpastors, clergy, monastic and God-saving flock of the Kazakhstan Metropolitan District, the authorities, the army and all the people of Kazakhstan.

Metropolitan Alexander and the archpastors overshadowed the worshipers with an altar cross and sprinkled the clergy and parishioners with blessed water. The head of the Metropolitan District congratulated the hierarchs, clergy and parishioners on the memorable date – the 15th anniversary of the celebration of the Cathedral of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Kazakhstan, as well as on bringing to the land of Irtysh honest relics of the blessed old woman Matrona of Moscow

Then Metropolitan Alexander delivered a sermon. Vladyka thanked Bishop Barnabas for the joy of common prayer on Sunday in the main church of the Pavlodar diocese. The head of the Metropolitan District handed over the scriptures and a selection of books to the library of the central Sunday school.

In turn, Bishop Barnabas expressed his gratitude to Metropolitan Alexander for the visit and the opportunity for the inhabitants of Pavlodar land to make a prayer before the shrine brought – the relics of the holy old woman Matrona.

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