Metropolitan Isidor of Kuban congratulated residents and guests of Krasnodar on the city day

Dear Evgeny Alekseevich (Pervyshov, head of Krasnodar, approx. Ed.). Dear in the Lord residents and guests of Yekaterinodar-Krasnodar! Brothers and sisters!

I heartily congratulate you on City Day!This year, its celebration coincided with the celebration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our Cossack ancestors always felt themselves under the gracious omophorion of the Mother of God; in the Kuban temples dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, make up the majority.It was a good tradition on this day to get together after the service to everyone at a generous Kuban table, which was set right in the church fence.Why is that? Because our life makes sense only when it does not end here on earth, but rises again in eternal life. And the Blessed Virgin Mary in her birth laid the foundation for our path to eternal life. A rich earthly harvest has already been gathered, which will give strength to all of us. Grain is already set aside, which will germinate next year. And in eternal life, our good deeds will sprout.Dear Evgeny Alekseevich! I want to thank you for taking care of the city and, together with its caring residents, restoring the green cover, which gives us the desired coolness on the hot days of our long summer.For the fact that you hear the voices of those citizens who advocate for the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage so that the new generation sees the historical appearance of the city in its beauty. You attract wealthy citizens to restore what was lost for various reasons in previous years. You are building new schools and kindergartens so that our city grows not only from the outside, but also young Krasnodar residents, who will also subsequently take care of their city.All these are works of mercy and love. It is these things that are those grains that germinate in Heaven and give fruits not only earthly, but also spiritual. These deeds unite us all and move us to increase the good in every city, in every family, in every soul.Once again, I congratulate all the townspeople on the holiday, I wish everyone from the Lord through the prayers of His Most Holy Mother, love, hope and faith, good harvests in the field of earth and heaven.ISIDOR, Metropolitan of Yekaterinodar and Kuban

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