Patriarch Kirill’s statement is perceived as encouraging separatism from the Patriarchate of Georgia

The Public Relations Office of the Georgian Patriarchate responds to the appeal of the Russian Patriarch Kirill to the de facto resident of Abkhazia. Georgian Patriarchate calls this appeal “incomprehensible”, which is ” perceived as encouraging separatism”

“Although the Moscow Patriarchate’s official website does not seek to congratulate the head of the Russian Church on the” Presidency “of Abkhazia, we note our position:

The land and water of Abkhazia is an indigenous Georgian territory and should be considered only in the unity of Georgia’s borders, neither the Russian Church denies this and recognizes the jurisdiction of the Georgian Church in this area . Against this background, His Holiness Kirill’s actions are incomprehensible to us and are perceived as encouraging separatism, which is a hindrance to the pursuit of peaceful relations between Georgians and Abkhazians.

We hope the Russian Church will respect Georgia’s territorial integrity and, based on Christian teachings, will help normalize relations between Georgia and Russia, Georgians and Abkhazians, Georgians and Ossetians, “the Georgian Patriarchate’s press office said in a statement.

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