Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria is visiting the Congo

On Friday – 15 February, the official visit of the Patriarch of Alexandria, Theodore II, began in Congo.

The Patriarch was met at the Maya-Maya International Airport by His Eminence Bishop of Brazzaville and Gabon Panteleymon and by Congolese Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean Claude Gacoso.

The Patriarch met with President Congo-Brazzaville, Mr. Denis Sasu Nguyos, in the presidential palace in the capital. During the meeting attended by His Eminence Panteleimon Metropolitan of Bransaville and Gabon, Patriarch Teodor expressed joy at his third consecutive visit to the country, however, his first since the election of the first local bishop (2012) and the erection of the the new diocese. He also expressed his gratitude to the President for the hearty support of the country for the local Orthodox Church and its Metropolitan.

In his answer, the President stressed the joyful feelings of the blessed presence of the leader of the Patriarchate of Alexandria in Congo, for whom his visits are a source of blessing, spiritual joy and hope in a world experiencing a crisis of values and experience of many conflicts. He added that the work of the Patriarchy is a peacemaking activity, full of love for every human being without difference, leading to progress and development. The official visit ended with an icon on behalf of the president’s patriarch and statements to media representatives.

Patriarch Theodore then visited the parish community in Brazzaville, where he was given a thank-you prayer in the presence of representatives of the government, local government and Christian churches, and then the president of the parish community, Adrian Hosse.


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